Thursday, December 01, 2005

Beyond Einstein

Here's some very short (actually it's already started) notice of the physics equivalent of Live 8. To celebrate the world year of physics physicists, internet pioneers and others will be participating in a marathon 12-hour broadcast performing covers of classic pop songs to raise awareness of physics live on the web and will discuss Einstein's theory of special relativity and more. In the words of the BBC article,
Alongside E=mc², there will be discussion of gravitational waves, the search for the Higgs Boson and the mysteries that still linger behind Einstein's work.
So get the popcorn in, get broadband installed and go and watch (or put on in the background) the webcast at Beyond Einstein. Just so you know there are some well known names who will be participating later on today. Included, amongst others, on the list is (broadcast times are in brackets and are Central European Times):

  • Albert Einstein (1200-0000)
  • David Gross(1700)
  • Gerard't Hooft (1700)
  • Murray Gell-Mann(1700)
  • Paul Davies (2230)
  • Stephen Hawking (TBC)

    Quite a list eh? Although there must be some code for the yellow and green stripes on the particpator list I presume they are all taking part. The full programme is available here.

    Given that this is obviously a very-well prepared event it is amazing not to know anything about it until after it has begun! Clifford at cosmicvariance also found about it today, and I only heard about it thanks to the Emperor of our office, Peter McKeag - he's not Emperor for nothing!

    Anonymous said...

    It was vaguely entertaining, especially the Fermilab and SLAC sections. But here's the Mystery of the Day: why did Caollion and Stephon of Quantumdiaries fame look NOTHING like their photos on that site? Desinformation!

    P.P. Cook said...

    I guess you'd have to ask them. But if I put a photo up here I would pick one that looked nothing like me.

    I couldn't watch the whole thing in the end, what show did they turn up in? I guess the shows will be available online for a while yet.

    Anonymous said...

    They were in the SLAC section. Stephon did more than anyone else during the day to convince any layman watching that theoretical physics is for mystics. Preferably ones equipped with saxophones.

    Anonymous said...